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Apologia Physical Science Links

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Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science:

1. The Basics

Chem4Kids: Atoms

BrainPOP: Atoms

BrainPOP: Measuring Matter

BrainPOP: Metric Vs. Imperial

2. Air

BrainPOP: Humidity

BrainPOP: Greenhouse Effect

BrainPOP: Ozone Layer

BrainPOP: Air Pollution

3. The Atmosphere

Geography4Kids: Atmosphere

BrainPOP: Atmosphere

4. Water

BrainPOP: Water

5. The Hydrosphere

Geography4Kids: Hydrosphere

BrainPOP: Water Cycle

U.S. Geological Survey: Water Cycle (Placemat for Kids)

BrainPOP: Water Pollution

6. Earth and Lithosphere

Geography4Kids:Earth Structure

BrainPOP: Earth Structure

BrainPOP: Plate Tectonics

BrainPOP: Earthquakes

BrainPOP: Volcanos

BrainPOP: Mountains

7. Factors that Affect Weather

BrainPOP: Weather

Geography4Kids: Clouds

BrainPOP: Clouds

Geography4Kids: Climates

BrainPOP: Climate Types

BrainPOP: Latitude & Longitude

8. Weather and Prediction

BrainPOP: Thunderstorms

Geography4Kids: Hurricanes

BrainPOP: Hurricanes

BrainPOP: Tornados

9. Motion

Physics4Kids: Motion

BrainPOP: Force

BrainPOP: Acceleration

BrainPOP: Distance, Rate & Time

BBC: Forces in Motion (W)

10. Newton’s Laws

BrainPOP: Isaac Newton

BrainPOP: Newton’s Laws of Motion

Fear of Physics: What is Friction?

What is Friction? Song

BBC: Friction (W)

11. Gravitational Force

BrainPOP: Gravity

Gravity Song

BrainPOP: Comets

BrainPOP: Solar System

12. Electromagnetic Force

Physics4Kids: Electricity & Magnetism

BrainPOP: Electricity

BrainPOP: Static Electricity

Enchanted Learning: Static Electricity

BrainPOP: Electromagnetic Induction

BrainPOP: Electromagnetic Spectrum

BrainPOP: Electric Circuits

BrainPOP: Current Electricity

BrainPOP: Magnetism

13. Radioactivity

BrainPOP: Atomic Model

Chem4Kids: Periodic Table

BrainPOP: Periodic Table


BrainPOP: Radioactivity

14. Waves and sound

BrainPOP: Waves

BrainPOP: Sound

Physics4Kids: Sound & Waves (coming?)

15. Light & Optics

Physics4Kids: Light & Optics
BrainPOP: Light
BrainPOP: Color
BrainPOP: Rainbows BrainPOP: Refraction & Deffraction
BrainPOP: Eyes
BrainPOP: Telescopes

16. Astrophysics
BrainPOP: Sun
Physics4Kids: Nuclear Energy
BrainPOP: Nuclear Energy
Cosmos4Kids: Stars
BrainPOP: Life Cycle of Stars
Cosmos4Kids: Galaxies
BrainPOP: Galaxies

Famous Physicists:

PhysicsCentral: Coloring Pages

Activity Pages:

PhysicsCentral: Activity Pages


Physics Lapbook & Links
Rader’s 4Kids Sites
BrainPOP requires a membership after free trial. Includes worksheets and quizzes.
Fear of Physics: Visual Animations
Enchanted Learning


Noeo Homeschool Science – Physics I


Physics 4 Kids -A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling

MacBeth’s Physics Opinion: Charlotte Mason

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