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A. Matter BrainPOP; Chem4Kids
1. Law of Conservation
2. Atomic model
a. Atoms: Protons, Neutrons, Electrons & Atomic Number and Mass
Inside an Atom
Atomic numbers Game
Worksheets: Atoms Family Worksheets (pdf); Atoms Family Atomic Math Challenge (pdf)
b. Isotopes

B. Periodic Table
1.Elemental symbols
Periodic Table Adventure
Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements” Song

C. Radioactivity: the nucleus
1. Types of nuclear decay
2. Marie Curie

E. Chemical reactions
1. Chemical formulas
2. Chemical equations
3. Reaction rates and catalysts
4. Balancing Equations
ChemBalancer Game (Worksheet)

F. Types of matter:


1. Physical and chemical properties
2. Changes

G. Chemical bonding
1. Metallic bonds
2. Ionic bonds
3. Covalent bonds
4. Polar bonds

H. Solutions
1. Molecular interactions
2. Compounds & Mixtures
3. Finding a solvent that will dissolve a substance
4. Overcoming surface tension

I. Acids and bases
1. Acids & Bases
2. pH Scale
The pH factor
Alien Juice Bar Game
4. Acid Base Reactions
Alien Juice Bar Game





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Notebooking Pages:

Bird Notebooking Nook pages


Flickr: The Birdshare Pool

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Physics Books

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Apologia Physical Science Links

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Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science:

1. The Basics

Chem4Kids: Atoms

BrainPOP: Atoms

BrainPOP: Measuring Matter

BrainPOP: Metric Vs. Imperial

2. Air

BrainPOP: Humidity

BrainPOP: Greenhouse Effect

BrainPOP: Ozone Layer

BrainPOP: Air Pollution

3. The Atmosphere

Geography4Kids: Atmosphere

BrainPOP: Atmosphere

4. Water

BrainPOP: Water

5. The Hydrosphere

Geography4Kids: Hydrosphere

BrainPOP: Water Cycle

U.S. Geological Survey: Water Cycle (Placemat for Kids)

BrainPOP: Water Pollution

6. Earth and Lithosphere

Geography4Kids:Earth Structure

BrainPOP: Earth Structure

BrainPOP: Plate Tectonics

BrainPOP: Earthquakes

BrainPOP: Volcanos

BrainPOP: Mountains

7. Factors that Affect Weather

BrainPOP: Weather

Geography4Kids: Clouds

BrainPOP: Clouds

Geography4Kids: Climates

BrainPOP: Climate Types

BrainPOP: Latitude & Longitude

8. Weather and Prediction

BrainPOP: Thunderstorms

Geography4Kids: Hurricanes

BrainPOP: Hurricanes

BrainPOP: Tornados

9. Motion

Physics4Kids: Motion

BrainPOP: Force

BrainPOP: Acceleration

BrainPOP: Distance, Rate & Time

BBC: Forces in Motion (W)

10. Newton’s Laws

BrainPOP: Isaac Newton

BrainPOP: Newton’s Laws of Motion

Fear of Physics: What is Friction?

What is Friction? Song

BBC: Friction (W)

11. Gravitational Force

BrainPOP: Gravity

Gravity Song

BrainPOP: Comets

BrainPOP: Solar System

12. Electromagnetic Force

Physics4Kids: Electricity & Magnetism

BrainPOP: Electricity

BrainPOP: Static Electricity

Enchanted Learning: Static Electricity

BrainPOP: Electromagnetic Induction

BrainPOP: Electromagnetic Spectrum

BrainPOP: Electric Circuits

BrainPOP: Current Electricity

BrainPOP: Magnetism

13. Radioactivity

BrainPOP: Atomic Model

Chem4Kids: Periodic Table

BrainPOP: Periodic Table


BrainPOP: Radioactivity

14. Waves and sound

BrainPOP: Waves

BrainPOP: Sound

Physics4Kids: Sound & Waves (coming?)

15. Light & Optics

Physics4Kids: Light & Optics
BrainPOP: Light
BrainPOP: Color
BrainPOP: Rainbows BrainPOP: Refraction & Deffraction
BrainPOP: Eyes
BrainPOP: Telescopes

16. Astrophysics
BrainPOP: Sun
Physics4Kids: Nuclear Energy
BrainPOP: Nuclear Energy
Cosmos4Kids: Stars
BrainPOP: Life Cycle of Stars
Cosmos4Kids: Galaxies
BrainPOP: Galaxies

Famous Physicists:

PhysicsCentral: Coloring Pages

Activity Pages:

PhysicsCentral: Activity Pages


Physics Lapbook & Links
Rader’s 4Kids Sites
BrainPOP requires a membership after free trial. Includes worksheets and quizzes.
Fear of Physics: Visual Animations
Enchanted Learning


Noeo Homeschool Science – Physics I


Physics 4 Kids -A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling

MacBeth’s Physics Opinion: Charlotte Mason

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